Tuesday, July 15, 2008

2 days and counting

I am flying to Florida tomorrow and can't be anymore excited than I am.....Well Maybe! I am looking forward to see friends and especially family. My sister and I are already book for the first day back, we are going to make posters and fun stuff for my son coming home from England. Ours plans are pretty packed for our stay there.....but Monday its Universal studios time we will get to play for a couple days....I will get spend time with my sons and my sister, brother in law and my nephew "B" so yes I am a pretty lucky girl with 2 great sons and a great family. "What more can you ask". I will keep you posted and with cool pics too!
See ya soon,

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Pink Posts said...

That looks like a very well worn name tag! Nice picture idea! Love it! Happy reunion to you and your missionary...soon to be R.M. =)Peggy