Sunday, July 13, 2008

4 Days to go

My son served in the area where the movie Batman filmed their shots of the Castle that they used. (ok tidbit info). I have 4 days left to see my son only 2 in a half to get ready for me to get the house in order and get packed for our trip to Florida. Yikes!
Something sweet to remember.......
Prophetic Passing
I imagine he's running to Marjorie now,
Yes, running, not waving his cane.
I see him embracing his father and mother
While they keep repeating his name. I see him now meeting his fore bearers,
Brother Brigham and Joseph are there.
Sweet reunion of prophets, united by service
That only such noble men share.
I see him embraced by the SaviorWhile Father says, "Good and well done.
So faithful in stalwart endurance, I welcome
My noble, most excellent son." I then hear the ripples of laughterAs he says the reception's just fine,
But he hopes that he'll get an assignment or two Since there's no need to waste any time.
I can hear his clear voice in the stillnessAt the close of this sweet Sabbath day,
Have faith and move forward — there's work to be done.
President Hinckley would want it that way.
Anna M. MolgardJanuary 27, 2008

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