Tuesday, July 8, 2008

8 Days til my Missionary is home

Hi everyone,

Ok I have slacked over the weekend but I have been busy with preparing to go to Florida and see my family and await the great moment that my son fly's in from England...I took my son (16 yr old) to the STYX concert and we had a blast it was outside and it was truly a bonding experience, I guess i am just a "Cool Mom" :)) so we have been recouping from that and we both kinda got to feeling bad, I stayed home from work today :( but I am feeling better and ready to get this week over. I will be packing for Florida over the weekend. I have a friend going to take care of my other son (dog) he is a Sheltie and spoiled rotten like my kids. lol My Elder and the family have a lot planned when we are in Fla....I am excited as we are going to Universal studios with my sister and brother-n-law and my nephew that should be lots of fun. I will continue to post pics of my son's missin in England until he comes home. Til next time
Be Blessed.......

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