Friday, June 13, 2008

Super Saturday.....Yard sales

Saturdays are my day to go yard saling and I usually pick up some nice stuff......I am looking for a full bed as my son is coming home and I need to get him a bed.

Plus tomorrow suppose to be another nice day I may finish working in the yard too. I have so much I need to finish up from my move......Next week I will be having a yard sale need to get rid of stuff I Just don't use anymore.

Also I know I said this before my son is coming home after 2 yrs I am so excited.
So I have much to do ...........As my house come along I will put pics up to show off my new home. let ya know the deals I got after I get back from my yard sales......

Til then keep smiling :))

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Lenanne said...

Hey if you want to join our yard sale it's Fri and Sat this next weekend unless you have too much heavy stuff you don't wanna lug up here. Luv, Lenanne