Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Dad

Today has been an emotional one, my dad went in the hospital with some very serious issues with his kidneys. I know he will be fine I have much faith in whatever the Lord has planned that he will always be comforted.

My dad has always been the most kind hearted, and giving man I know. I was very blessed when he came into my life when I was about 6yrs old. He adopted me and loved like his very own and I have never once thought of anyone else being my Father but him.

He helped me raise both of my boys and has always been a great role model for them and he still is. He has much love for his grandkids all 29 of them (and then some more on the way) He brightens a room when he comes in. He loves his wife unconditionally and I have never seen him happier. I thank her for that. I owe my Dad everything, I am who I am because of him and his love for me, Thanks Dad

Please say a little prayer for him that all will be well, much love, Cyndie

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